Our Ratatouille

Have you seen Ratatouille? I’m in love with all things Pixar and Disney pretty much. So I’ve seen it a bunch. So has my husband. Since we love Pixar so, it was sort of a natural idea that our son’s first birthday had a pixar theme, but since we couldn’t settle on just one movie, we took bits from all of them. One of my favorite things from that party (so much so that we still cook it fairly regularly) is Smitten Kitchen’s version of Ratatouille’s Ratatouille. It’s becoming a go to for us, but after having made it a few times exactly by the recipe, i’ve felt comfortable enough to change it up a little.The most recent time I made it I used whatever veggies I had (no eggplant, but I did have zucchini, squash, mushrooms, green pepper and a can of diced tomatoes instead of the purée or whatever the recipe calls for). I used the spices listed the first time and it was delicious, but I used an “every day” seasoning grinder from Trader Joe’s most recently and it was really good too. Made the most delicious veggie broth as well! I think it cooked for 25-35 minutes or so? I made a smaller batch and had less time to cook over all. Here are some pics from layering everything (more like lasagna and less like the actual recipe or movie), when it was done and ready to go in the oven with my Little Chef and Gusteau and the label of the seasoning in case you want to try some sometime :)20140724-113851-41931071.jpg